Tens of People Show Up for NOM’s March For Marriage

(Right Wing Watch)

If you’ve been watching unwed mother Maggie Gallagher’s former pity party, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) since the election, you would know that the current Maggie, a chappie by the name Brian Brown has been issuing a non-stop fundraising plea with this march for marriage as the organizing principle.

So this weekend, he unleashed the steaming masses waiting to take marriage away from the ‘mos:

Fifteen minutes before the event was scheduled to begin, about 20 adults were milling around an empty stage while several children worked to unfurl large red and blue banners to carry during the march. One passerby wondered whether they were going to a kite festival. Gradually, a few more participants arrived, including five men wearing the signature capes of the group Tradition, Family and Property and carrying a “Honk for Traditional Marriage” sign.

So, I guess everyone was busy washing their hair?

Maybe that’s it! They couldn’t get babysitters! So the question on tens of peoples’ lips: will Brian Brown hold another march for marriage following this humiliating turnout?

“Every year, we’re going to be here whether there’s thousands or hundreds or tens” of people, he said.

“…as long as you rubes keep paying my salary,” Brown did not say, as he composed his next fundraising letter in his mind.

So that’s a yes. Grifters Gotta Grift

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One Response to Tens of People Show Up for NOM’s March For Marriage

  1. paul fredine says:

    and one can assume that as a god-fearing family man promoting family values, his wife and kids (he has 8) were there, so of the 47 attendees, that would mean, minus the immediate members of the brown family, there were actually 37 people there. if brian does his godly duty and gets busy, he just might be able to increase attendance by at least one. and if his wife does her part, just maybe she could squeeze out a small litter, you know for ‘god and country’ and save traditional marriage from the ‘homos’.


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