There are no big hands when it is Trump Time!

We’ve all seen the stories about how all information that the Russian Usurper promises to release is always two weeks away and then abandoned. From his double-sekrit plan to defeat ISIS, to the press conference to reveal Melonoma’s immigration status, to his audio tapes of pressuring the FBI to drop investigations, to, well everything.

People have rightly compared this two-week reflex to the Friedman Unit. We need a name for this Trumpian time span.

So, for 1/12 of a point counting towards your mid-term assessment, give this 2-week interval a name. Bluebooks only, in the comments, #2 Pencil. Neatness counts.

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27 Responses to POP QUIZ!

  1. Osirisopto says:


    (I hate rush hour traffic)
    ((Yes. I made my calls to my two D senators. 😛

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    • Jim says:

      I Metro and walk to work but, yes, everyone, everywhere hates rush hour traffic, including pedestrians. I work internationally and that’s an iron rule everywhere.


  2. A “fognight”. The fortnight it takes for hopefully creating an evasive fog.


  3. Perdurabo says:

    The low hanging fruit is obviously a “Covfefe Interval”, but I would also submit “Trump Tock”


  4. tomshefchik says:

    Don “The Con”, two week interval:
    1. Never, as in, “I’ll get back to you never”.
    2. Memory Hole.
    3. Short Attention Span Theater.
    4. I’m lying my ass off, as in, “I’ll get back to you I’m lying my ass off”.
    5. Too weak interval.

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  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    A Melania


  6. moeman says:

    Crystal math.
    Jiffy (lube).
    Orange Hairs Breadth.


  7. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Orange hole event horizon.

    The gravity of Trump’s ideas are so bigly deep and yuge that they simply collapse on themselves and get sucked back in to the O-hole never to be seen again. And that is why Trump is singularly densest President this country has ever seen.

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  8. Sam240 says:

    A *Presidential Unit, which abbreviates to *PU. (Asterisk courtesy of Charles Pierce.)


  9. Wow, I liked this. Give me two weeks, and I’ll have a beautiful comment.

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  10. MDavis says:

    Let’s see, Friedman writes actual columns (alas) and Trump tweets, with typos.
    How to introduce a call back?
    Shorter Friedman Unit? (heh – no actual Trump reference, though)
    Trump’s Tweet Unit?
    Etch-A-Sketch Promise? There it is!
    Yep, Perdurabo’s “Covfefe Interval” hits all the points – references a Trump tweet with an obvious typo and, bonus, covfefe had a turn in the actual f’n news getting defended by Trump’s sycophants as a perfectly normal word, ‘… why don’t all you libtards know what it means? Hahaha – Dems are not as smart as they think they are!’

    I do propose that a second definition be something like “a flexible unit of time employed by [grifters], especially Donald Trump and those surrounding him, to delay an audit of any questionable action or situation until a new shiny object can be introduced to distract questioners. It has an upper limit of two weeks. see also: Gish Gallop”


  11. J F Scott MacLeod says:



  12. Mr DeBakey says:

    A Fartnight

    A Half-Moon Unit [for Zappa fans]

    3 1/2 Mangoes


  13. Jado says:

    The Overcomb Window

    The Slavegirl Unit (after all, it’s not a freedman unit,,,)


  14. jimbobarebob says:

    Howsabout this:
    2 Week 2 Jerk Off

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  15. J F Scott MacLeod says:

    He Donaldodged the question. It was a Donaldodge!

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  16. Obviously: a tweek.


  17. Lsamsa says:

    A fraughtnight.


  18. Abu Scooter says:

    A magasecond.


  19. MJG says:



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