Activism: Saving the ACA: For Want of a Nail the Kingdom Fell

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Phone Calls Work

As I’m sure everyone reading this knows the R’s in the Senate are crafting a replacement for the ACA in secret. It’s not unreasonable to expect it to be exceedingly heinous.

There are reports that the Senate phone lines are not ringing off the hook because everyone is glued to the Russian Puppets antics.

From dKos…

Republican senators say their phones aren’t ringing to save the ACA, so here’s the contact list

** Please call your Senators main lines not the “Health Care Staffer” **

We must change this. I know opposing the AHCA lacks the thrill of vocally opposing the trump agenda and reigning in the R’s in the senate, but that was the easy part. Now we need to fight the hard battles, the important battles the battles no one sees.

Indivisible doesn’t seem to be doing the job.

I’m not surprised. Indivisible was founded by out of work DC Pols (read unemployed DLC staffers), not committed social warriors or regular people fighting to survive.

There will be no glorious parade in the streets opposing the AHCA, but there should be. There will only be you and I doing what we know to be the right thing with no thought of recognition, no hope for praise from our peers. Just the silent gratitude of people getting health care instead of being left to die in the street.

A call to action: 

The stakes are high and no one can help us. We must help ourselves.

  • Call your Senators, both D and R.
    • Support the D’s
    • Demand the R’s vote against the Trumpcare
  • Please make two or three calls each day this week.
    • Leave VM’s at 4:00 AM or at 11:30 PM
    • Make a call during your morning and evening commute.

No one else can do it. Only you.

Indivisible guide to health care staffers

Phone Calls Work!

** Please call your Senators main lines not the “Health Care Staffer” **


*Update: I’m reluctant to use the Health Care Staffer strategy Indivisible advocates. Here’s why:

In the ’90’s I did a job for a General Contractor who wouldn’t pay the bill. I called to talk to him and was told to call the accounting department. The number they gave me rang interminably but was never answered. Not even a VM.

I got paid by refusing to play their game. I didn’t waste my time calling that number. I kept calling the main line and the fax, and the secondary lines I knew of. Constantly leaving messages and being a pain in the ass to everyone I could.

I finally got paid when I got up early one morning  and started leaving the same VM on all their machines. “Pay your bill.” I literally filled the VM of everyone I could with that message.

I had a check in my hand in a matter of days because I didn’t play their game. I played my own and succeeded.

Playing the “talk to accounting”  or health care staffer game is a waste of time. If we want results we need to be a pain in the ass to the big boys, not waste our time trying to get results from people who are paid to give us the run around.


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3 Responses to Activism: Saving the ACA: For Want of a Nail the Kingdom Fell

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Or maybe it could be that people are convinced that the Republican senators don’t give a flying fuck how many phone calls they receive?

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    • osirisopto says:

      Then make them care. Call three times in rapid succession. See my update above.

      Don’t give up just because it’s hard. Anyone who told you it was going to be easy was lying.


  2. MDavis says:

    Thanks for the info on staffers. Granted, we’ll be talking to staffers anyway, but the ones closest to the senators are closer to the senators.
    Lesson learned – watch out for red herrings and focus on the real deal.


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