Happy Father’s Day

As regular readers already know, we didn’t celebrate Hallmark Holidays in my family. As my mother phrased it (on Mothers Day), what about the other 364 days of the year, hmmm?

Nevertheless, I always called Dad on Fathers Day (if I was out of town) or showed up to make barbecue dinner, or chili or something he liked. My sisters would show up and fuss over him (usually with a box of his favorite candy, English Toffee from See’s), and he would roll his baby blues, but I know that he secretly liked the fuss. He’d preen for just a moment.

Sometimes we just practiced casting flies onto hula hoops out in the backyard, standing around being silent together, listening to a game on the radio. It didn’t take much to make him happy, just showing up was enough; everything else was sauce for the goose. One memorable year, all he wanted was help cleaning the garage. Who could resist?

If you are lucky enough to have your Dad with you this year, give the old man a call, talk about the weather, or the game or whatever he likes. You don’t even have to say HFD to him, he’ll know. They always do.

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  1. got a call from Young Zombie today, he’s gradumacated and got a jerb out of town….


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