Activism: Saving The ACA: You’re On The List

We’ve all heard the snarky meme “The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it’s on my list.” is a good way to look at the R’s attempts to undermine the ACA.

We can’t let them get away with it. It’s in our best interest to fight like hell to hold the ground we’ve gained with Obamacare.

Here’s one reason why. From SFGate…

Mission District Hospital To Close Skilled Nursing Facility By End Of October

Published 5:20 pm, Thursday, June 15, 2017


Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Center will be closing its skilled nursing and sub-acute units at St. Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco’s Mission District by the end of October, according to a letter sent to employees last week.

The move, which will affect 44 patients and 72 employees, is drawing objections from the union and some elected officials, who argue it may violate agreements made with union and city officials.

“The shuttering of the sub-acute unit will have a devastating effect on 26 vulnerable patients because there are no available sub-acute beds in the city,” the union said in a statement. “Patients will be forced to find other hospitals in the region, and some are being told they will have to be sent as far away as Sacramento to receive care.”

So, the for profit corporation is closing a facility and replacing it with a new one, but there’s no room for the current residents in the new facility. I wonder why?
Could it be that the for profit health care provider doesn’t give a damn about providing health care and instead sees a way to make greater profits by abandoning them to their own devices and replacing them with les costly and more profitable patients?

For profit health care providers see patients as profit centers not people in need of care, much like slavers see everyone as merchandise.

A Call to action: Phone it in.

My morning calls are done. I’ve done my exercises, read the paper and set my agenda for the day.

Now instead of having my quiet time I am writing this blog post. I hope to motivate one or two people to get up off their asses, stop watching the ratings generating antics of the reality show host in chief  for a few minutes and call their Senators.

I want ask you, dear reader to make four (4) telephone calls today.

That’s it only four phone calls. It can’t be easier than that. If you can’t do at least that much you deserve what the Koch brothers have planned for you.

Remember Phone Calls Work!

Call your Senators, both the Ds and especially the Rs.

Support the D’s scare influence the R’s, because there’s nothing like the threat of loosing your job to harsh the buzz of your power trip.

Keyword: Oppose the AHCA
Keyword: Hands Off My Obamacare
Keyword: Looking forward to seeing you at Town Hall.

Leave VM’s with your morning coffee, make another call while creeping through rush hour traffic.

Your Momma don’t work here. You’ve got to save your own ass.

Make the calls, please. The health care you save will be your own.


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One Response to Activism: Saving The ACA: You’re On The List

  1. osirisopto says:

    Talk about wealth distribution. Jeeze.

    I just discovered this… Concierge health care for those who can afford it. They have a mobile state of the art diagnostic clinic that will come to you, at your convenience if you can afford it.

    I learned of this years ago… The best healthcare they can give you in a warehouse for the truly desperate. If – IF – you can get to the warehouse.

    Which one do you get right now?
    Which one do you think you’ll get if Mitch McConnell gets 50 R Senators to vote for his Trumpshit sandwich?

    All he needs is 50 R Senators. Pence provides the 51st vote (you know he will) and the mango hued shitgibbon will “close his eyes” and sign it.

    You can stop this obscenity from happening by making four phone calls today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


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