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KY Ark Park After Dark Exhibit? Some say YES!

Long time co-conspirator and known Scissorhead TexBetsy sends us this vitally important update!

Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure

In a recent blog post to his Answers in Genesis website, leading creationist Ken Ham laments the supposed power of atheists and the “secularist media,” complaining that they are damaging the reputation of his Ark Encounter, and the economy of the surrounding local businesses, writing:

“Recently, a number of articles in the mainstream media, on blogs, and on well-known secularist group websites have attempted to spread propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking our Ark Encounter attraction is a dismal failure.

“Sadly, they (atheists and the secular media) are influencing business investors and others in such a negative way that they may prevent Grant County, Kentucky, from achieving the economic recovery that its officials and residents have been seeking.”

In other words, Ken Ham blames atheists for his trouble. Ham is refusing to take responsibility for his own failure, and refusing to take responsibility for his broken promises to the citizens and business community of Grant County, Kentucky.

So, how bad is it at Ham’s Ark Park After Dark? Let’s let the local paper tell us:

Town expected flood of business after Noah’s Ark opened. So far, it’s a trickle.

It has been almost a year since Ark Encounter opened, promising a surge of economic development in the county of 24,000 people in return for generous state and local tax breaks.

Ark co-founder Mike Zovath said the attraction will attract its 1 millionth visitor by July, but there is no way to independently verify that number. He says all of Answers in Genesis, including the Creation Museum, will employ about 900 people this summer.

Locals do see cars and tour buses full of tourists eager to see the life-size wooden boat, filled with exhibits of young-Earth creationism, an animatronic Noah and friendly dinosaurs. What they don’t see is those tourists crossing over I-75 to drive the mile or two into downtown Williamstown to eat, drink and shop.

So, in other words, Ham grifted the county for public tax money to fund his theocratic  giftopia? Yeah.

Former Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration awarded the project a sales tax rebate under the state’s Tourism Development Incentive Program for as much as $18 million over 10 years. It was later canceled after state officials found out that the attraction would require declarations of Christian faith from potential employees. Ark officials sued and won in federal court. Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration then reappproved the initial request.

Nice work if you can find it.

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19 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Oh, man. I for one am really sorry it’s not going to make it. It could have been the greatest spot for irony tourism ever.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    So those darned atheists set up road blocks?

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  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    Free Enterprise is hard.

    Y’know, I love reading about history and stuff like that.
    Talk of the early earth, the dinosaurs, Noah etc got me hunting around the web for related stories and stuff.
    I read these guys found some early pictures they think might be Noah.
    I guess they were in caves in Turkey or Mesopotamia or someplace like that:

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  4. Jim says:

    They could save a lot of operating costs the way the KY Museum of Coal did and install solar panels to power their museum or whatever it is that they actually do. After all, the sun provided all of the food for the dinosaurs (directly/indirectly). Or, they could just recognize what the ancient Egyptians did that the Sun is actually “God”.


  5. Osirisopto says:

    Ham should explain how the residents rewards are in heaven.


  6. Dan says:

    Were it Sky Daddy’s will for the Ark Encounter to succeed, would blog-armed atheists really be able to stop him?

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  7. paul fredine says:

    oh, poor ken. could it be that maybe you’re just not praying hard enough? or maybe, as you seem to be so fond of saying, ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘it’s god’s will’, ‘he works in mysterious ways’ and it’s ‘all a part of god’s plan’. ‘in his infinite wisdom’, he knew you were going to fail from the beginning so stop your whining. he must know what he’s doing.


    • A.J. says:

      I’m guessing it’s all his covert drugs and homosexuality (to him, a seven syllable word) that the Jebus hates. So hard to get a hurricane to Kentucky to take them out.


  8. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Funny, I just recently read an article that said the Ark Encounter was a booming and bustling place and that it was creating tons of jobs and business for the area. It was probably just Ham’s attempt to spread propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking our Ark Encounter attraction is a raging success. Of course the jobs were only offered to Xtian Xrazies. And I’m guessing that only the Xrazies are visiting. They probably feel that the businesses in town are just to ‘liberal’ for them to spend money there.


    • paul fredine says:

      sounds like the article was put out by the park’s p.r. department in order to counter anything written by the satanic heathen media, i.e. ‘fake news’ vs. ‘good news’ (the gospel)..


    • Bruce388 says:

      That propaganda could be backfiring, scaring people away who might otherwise get their faith strengthened. As Yogi Berra allegedly said, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”


  9. roket says:

    Ken Ham is probably praying for a flood about now.


  10. Oblios_Cap says:

    Ken – The place is insured, isn’t it? It would certainly be a shame if your sky-being visited a firestorm upon it.


  11. A.J. says:

    …a surge of economic development in the county of 24,000 people…”

    A county? With 24,000 people?


    • MDavis says:

      What, too many people? Kentucky has a lot of counties, and it looks like the smallest population is under 2,500
      For a laugh, check out Esmeralda County, with a population under one thousand (it’s in Nevada) and one guess which way that county votes.


  12. A.J. says:

    I went to that link and read the article (sweeet Ba’al help me). There was a photo of a girl on a camel with this sub-text:

    Travis Cook, from Niceville, Fla., took a photo Tuesday of his daughter, Claire, 6, as she rode on Buddha, one of two camels in the zoo at Ark Encounter.

    Buddha? Buddha?


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