Activism: Saving the ACA: Phone Calls Work

Phone Calls Work

Phone Calls Work!

Proving the commitment to the law of the United States, Ethics and responsible governance Mitch McConnell is attempting to pass his tax cut disguised as a health care bill through congress by concealing the contents of the bill.

We cannot allow this to happen.

From Common Dreams

To Shine Light on Senate GOP’s Trumpcare Push, Dems Intro ‘No Hearing, No Vote Act’

As Senate Republicans attempt to ram through the American Health Care Act (AHCA), aka Trumpcare, without public hearings before the upcoming recess, Senate Democrats on Tuesday announced their intention to introduce the “No Hearing, Note Vote Act” bill in order to highlight the GOP’s obfuscation.

“Senate Republicans’ attempts to pass Trumpcare in the dark of night, without any transparency is one of the most egregious examples of legislative malpractice in decades. Republicans have held zero committee hearings, solicited zero bipartisan support, and plan to allow zero public debate,” declared Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) in a statement.

A call to action:

I’m going to be asking a lot of everyone over the next two weeks. The stakes are high and no one can help us. We must help ourselves.

  • Call your Senators, both D and R.
    • Support the D’s
    • Demand the R’s vote against the Trumpcare
  • Please make two or three calls each day this week.
    • Leave VM’s at 4:00 AM or at 11:30 PM
    • Make a call during your morning and evening commute.

No one else can do it. Only you.


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