What Fresh Hell Is This?

Kim Jong Un is starring, slack jawed at this.

Update: the trolling has begun

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  1. I tweeted this
    Trump learns from his mistakes, gets media to publicly record the previously private loyalty oaths of his cabinet.

    I started thinking about this display as a feral animal, alpha male thing that Trump is doing. It’s not just for his base, it’s for the people who work for him on the staff of the various cabinet members.

    LOOK: “Your bosses are loyal to me. They didn’t hesitate to prostrate themselves in front of me. Think about that when you decide to defy THEM. They are loyal to ME, not to the department (Like Comey was to the FBI and Yates to the DoJ) or the country.

    This display, combined with his eagerness to stop leakers, his willingness to sell out anyone but his family, is a message they can’t miss.

    Mueller will be sniffing around looking for witnesses. Comey named Pleabus in his testimony so it was important to him to show super loyalty in public.

    As much as we like to dismiss this as cheap tricks, and Trump as stupid, he does things that are targeted to the gut, not the intellect.

    When he doesn’t pay someone and threatens to sue, he knows that a lawsuit is a massive pain in the ass, and it works for him. Even when he loses, he still “wins” because it’s about forcing them to grovel.

    Why does Trump do this? Decades ago at Star Fleet we learned about different kinds of power. (Not just anti-matter…) This is his way of showing his power, because he knows that for many at that table they don’t have real loyalty to him, they are using him as an “opportunity” (Many of them say that.) It’s a transnational agreement. and he knows it is weak, so he keep trying to find other ways to keep them loyal. I think Chris Christie is the most obvious case of someone he is keeping grovelling and who is willing to do it because he thinks it will keep him out of jail. And it might.


    • Why does Trump do this?

      Because he’s basically a wannabe mobster. The tell was when he reminded Comey of ‘this thing of ours’. He’s Gotti, but without the actual ruthlessness.

      Gotti couldn’t stop Sammy The Bull from testifying…and the prosecutor that got Gravano to spill is now working for Mueller.

      I hesitate to believe that Trump would be so stupid as to fire Mueller, but if he does, the result is likely going to be a torrent of leaks like the Titanic suddenly raised to the surface.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    They didn’t just suck up to him, they deified Caesar.
    Preibus is obviously the guy who will be first to stab the Russian Puppet in the back.

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  3. Jim says:

    This is the most disturbing but also classically Trumpian thing. He still thinks this is a reality show and it’s clear that a number of the Cabinet members are disturbed (notably Tillerson, who I expect to bail the first since Trump seems to be is own foreign minister with disastrous results.


  4. paul fredine says:

    first annual meeting of the national board of ass-kissers sponsored by trojan flavored dental dams .


  5. Feline Mama says:

    All the Shiny, Happy People. (Apologies Mr. Stipe). WOW!!! Are there AK’s pointed at these guys??

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