Activism: Saving the ACA: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

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Thanks to Scissorhead MDavis for the heads up and the prompt.

speakyourmindLast week was incredible. So much going on it was hard to keep track, and in classic form ethics challenged Chinless Mitch took the opportunity to pull a fast one to get the AHCA to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

As we all know the AHCA aims to take health coverage away from as many poor Americans as he could while giving as few rich Americans as possible a huge tax cut.

A call to action:

We need to stop this. We need to take action to protect ourselves and our countrywomen & countrymen. Call your D and R Senators. Let them know you’re watching, support the D’s and influence the R’s

  • Call both of your Federal Senators, whether D or R and tell the to oppose the AHCA, support Medicare for All
  • Call you state Senators and Assembly Representative tell them to support single payer insurance and Medicare for All

Keyword: Oppose the AHCA
Keyword: Hands Off My Obamacare
Keyword: Support Single Payer
Keyword: Looking forward to seeing you at Town Hall during the August recess.

MDavis discovered that many Senators have a Health Legislative Assistant. These are the staff members that should be addressed if the position exists within your Senators office.




P.S. too much time on your hands? Here’s one to go along with algebra and the alphabet:


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