Bad TV, Cont.

The best job in teevee is the Chyron Operator

I so want to have this job. Just for a day.

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  1. Serious question – aren’t people fed up of the hyper reporting and reaction to Trump’s Twitter? I know the networks have money reasons to hype it up but I can’t understand why anyone even bothers with them anymore.

    That being said, Trump’s Twitter is always good when you need a laugh.


    • tengrain says:

      It’s a mixed grille, Super, because generally I believe in actions over words. For years now I’ve paraphrased Molly Ivins, “Don’t listen to their words, they are lying to you. Look at their record.” The problem is that The Russian Usurper has no public record. And with the exception of one SCOTUS justice, absolutely no achievements.

      So I’m left with his signing executive orders for bills that don’t exist, and other bizarre ephemera. All we have are his words, which are mostly lies.

      So in a weird sense, all we have as a record are his lies. All I can conclude is that if he is talking he is lying. I cannot conclude any motive, strategy, or purpose: he lies because he can. He lies because it is easy. He lies like most of us breathe. It makes no sense.

      Are we tired of it? Absolutely. But the hyper reporting? Historians will someday be grateful for this. I hope that there are historians.



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      • There is no motive or strategy or purpose, that’s for sure. Trump, to me, is a puppet gone rogue. Repubs tried to coast on his publicity but it’s backfired massively. The flashy superficial politics just makes them look stupid. Unfilled positions. Deals that aren’t even deals. Signed memos and no legislation as you pointed out. I’ve heard less about that than his tweets.

        There’s no doubt that Russia hacked the election but in hyper reporting, the media have missed the bigger picture. Why? Why would Russia blatantly hack the election? So that Trump would win, fine, but it’s more than that. No doubt, Trump and his ilk just saw $ signs, but Putin must be having a good laugh. Before the election there was a growing anti-Russian sentiment that probably began to skyrocket after Ukraine and then Syria. That bled over into sports, from Sochi, to the Olympics, to the WC, etc, so you have to wonder just what led up to them hacking it. It feels like the media have just been yelling that Russia hacked it but… That’s it? There’s no information on the reasons why. I could be underinformed – there’s so much to keep up with, bearing in mind that I’m not American!

        By focusing on Trump so closely, it’s easy to miss smaller things. That and it’s just plain annoying. Sean Spicer is an idiot for claiming that all tweets are official statements.

        This (hyper reporting) is on both sides by the way – liberal and conservative. The wall to wall negative coverage is fun but not helpful. We saw something similar in the UK where right wing media targeted Corbyn so much that it no doubt had a knock on effect.

        Ha, Historians might want to sit this one out. Their mental health would be all the better for it!

        Apologies if this comment is all over the place, I’m half asleep, lol!


  2. roket says:

    All of his tweets are sacred because they can be used against him in a court of law.


  3. E.A. Blair says:

    “I hope that there are historians.”

    The problem is, TG, that while historians write the histories, it’s the victims who write the memoirs. That’s why grudges exist. That is why, for instance, much of the South is still fighting the Civil War.


  4. Giovanna says:

    Ok. I’ve been a Chyron operator for large chunks of my career. It’s not an especially fun job. The operator does not get to write anything, much less fact check or snark. A writer or producer does. The Chyron operator just gets yelled at for the typos that get by on to the air.


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