Today, in Weasel-speak

I am not going to discuss the specifics of any interactions that I may or may not have had with the president of the United States, but I will make the following comment: In the three-plus years that I have been the director of the National Security Agency, to the best of my recollection, I have never been directed to do anything I believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical, or inappropriate. And to the best of my recollection, during that same period of service, I do not recall ever feeling pressured to do so. –NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers

That answer was probably billed (2 hour minimum!) to Trump’s legal counsel. But notice how it doesn’t answer the question, Did Trump order you to do xyz? It’s both a “I do not recall,” and a “I don’t know nothing about no legal.”

It’s a pretty good dodge, it sounds like an answer for a hot minute.

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2 Responses to Today, in Weasel-speak

  1. Nora Daly says:

    And, I thought Rogers was supposed to drop a bomb!


  2. roket says:

    It appears the DC area is being hard hit by a bad case of contagious conservative amnesia. Does he recollect taking his oath of office ya think??


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