News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Our old pal, the foe of sexual anarchists and proud spank-bank collector Linda Harvey celebrates Gay Pride Month at World Nut Daily!

There’s a national homosexual “Equality March” in Washington, D.C., on June 11.

Equality? Really? This movement is backing down from its current goal of tyranny and supremacy, and actually seeking equality?

…So as June begins, get ready for a month of glowing fake news generated by the “gay” media machine.

Can we get one, just one objective report that does not celebrate this degeneracy?

The answer appears to be… no.

The reactionary June 11 national “gay” march may not amount to much as its participants retread the vehicle of victimhood, while the truth is that this movement is still in attack mode. The theme of the march in California is “Resist” with an upraised fist adorned in the ubiquitous homosexual rainbow. See the ominous logo here.

So we are back to fascism after all, and not equality.

And then Harvey does us the great favor of listing when Pride events will be across the country! Why, it’s almost like she is publicizing the things! Thanks, Linds, you’re a pal!

But seriously? The rainbow still belongs to God as a symbol of hope for humanity, not a logo for lust, a lure for vulnerable youth or the banner for unmasked anti-Christian bigotry.

Because it is all about Xristians, how they are the true victims. Get off the cross, someone else needs the wood.

And speaking of victims…

There are reports of violence against homosexuals in a few isolated instances around the globe, and such policies should be overturned. But to use these to claim “discrimination” in today’s “gay”-deferential America is laughable. The trend here is far and away in the other direction.

So, you know, the gay genocide going on in Russia is just more fake news. Got it, Linds, thanks tons.


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