Swamp Draining, Cont.

News From The Swamp

Tiger Beat:

President Donald Trump’s executive order on ethics has been waived at least 11 times since the administration came into office in January, according to records the White House posted online Wednesday night.

The waivers allow White House staffers to work on matters that could affect their former employers or clients or involve issues from which the aides would be normally be excluded because of past lobbying work.

We note with some grim amusement this includes letting Steve Bannon continue to leak to Breitbart, Bullshit Barbie can take part in “communications and meetings involving former clients which are political, advocacy, trade, or non-profit organizations,” and probably lets Steve Miller to write white nation speeches for Storm Front uh, do something.

Breaking: it’s now up to 14 waivers. Oops, the WaPo says it is now 17 waivers.

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  1. He’s got the yugest fig leaf to cover all of these tiny dicks.


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