Little Moscow on the Potomac, part infinity

Jeff Sessions Dance Party

US Attorney General and evil Keebler Elf wannabe Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III keeps forgetting that he seems to meet a lot and often with Russian spies:

Washington (CNN)Congressional investigators are examining whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions had an additional private meeting with Russia’s ambassador during the presidential campaign, according to Republican and Democratic Hill sources and intelligence officials briefed on the investigation.

So let’s recap, he lied under oath during his confirmation hearings, lied on his clearance forms, lied when he said he would recuse himself from the Russian investigation, and now clearly has lied about the number of times he has had private meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It’s almost like he’s a spy.

Perhaps if someone told the old racist that another name for spies is spooks, he wouldn’t meet with them so often.

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2 Responses to Little Moscow on the Potomac, part infinity

  1. So what if Sessions lied every time! At least he’s consistent. 😀


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Sessions’ lies are the price of admission to the Trump extravaganza.


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