Activism: Question Trump on Russia

I’m sure everyone has heard that the Trump Administration will no longer take questions about Russia and Trump.

From The Guardian

The White House said on Wednesday it will no longer answer questions about the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump’s alleged links to Russia.

James Comey, fired by Trump as director of the FBI, is reportedly due to testify to a congressional committee as early as next week.

Asked about Comey’s evidence and whether the president had engaged in obstruction of justice, press secretary Sean Spicer replied: “We are focused on the president’s agenda and going forward all questions on these matters will be referred to outside counsel Marc Kasowitz.

Bad decision.

A Call To Action:

  • Contact both of your US Senators and you congressman, whether D or R
  • Contact your newspaper, local, state, national, hell reach out the penny-wiser send in a LTE (letter to the editor)
  • Contact news magazines, television and radio stations – anyone who purports to report on the news.
  • Flood social media with questions about Trump and Russia
  • Hammer the Russian Puppet with questions on his twatter
  • Call in to C-span
  • Call in to Radio shows and ask about Trump and Russia regardless of the context of the call.

Keyword: Investigate Trump and Russia

The idea is to flood the channels with questions about Trump and Russia.

We’ve got them by “the short hairs” and they know it.


P.S. California SB 562 is about single payer health care in California. The financial came out yesterday. Single payer will save $40 Billions dollars every year. That’s a lot of pot holes.

We have a D supermajority in our state legislature and D Governor. Rent out here is a bitch, but hopefully, soon at least if you can get to the hospital you’ll get the best health care they can give you rather than the best you can afford.

Good thing, too. I don’t think my knee is going to make it to 65.

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  1. My mom got bionic knees. Improved her mobility tons.


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