Job Opening At 1600 Go Unfilled

It’s astonishing that no one wants Mike Dubke’s old job as Communications Director for the mango-hued shit gibbon.

Under normal circumstances, running the White House communications shop would be a dream job for any political operative.

But Donald Trump is the president and the circumstances aren’t normal. He regularly calls his own shots on Twitter, often bypassing aides in favor of unfiltered and unpredictable messaging. That may make the applicant pool to replace Mike Dubke, who on Tuesday announced his resignation as Trump’s communications director, very small.

BuzzFeed News spoke with 20 Republican communicators and operatives, many of whom have worked on Capitol Hill and in presidential campaigns and some who have declined previous offers to join the Trump administration. Nearly all said they would be unwilling to accept an offer to replace Dubke, who on Tuesday announced his resignation as communications director.

And now for some quotes:

“Hell no!” said one Republican — one of the most common type of responses BuzzFeed News got from operatives. “That would be career suicide.”

“That’s like asking someone who just witnessed a horrific bungee jumping accident whether they would like to go next,” one Republican source responded in a text message.

“It would be only a few months on the job before tapping out the ‘I want to spend more time with family’ email,” another said.

But there might be other reasons.

President Donald Trump’s effort to fill hundreds of vacant jobs across the federal government has hit a new snag: Russia.

Potential hires are paying close attention to the expanding investigations, which have now begun to touch senior Trump aides, with some questioning whether they want to join the administration.

Or maybe it’s him:

As the White House struggles to maintain message discipline with a compulsive tweeter in the Oval Office, whispers of Corey Lewandowski’s reemergence have senior Trump administration officials gnashing their teeth.

“It would be another trainwreck,” one White House official told The Daily Beast, bluntly. “I’m dreading that it could even happen…though he’ll probably be kept outside [the White House], it’s looking like.”

Let’s pretend you’ve just crafted the perfect announcement and before you hit send, the Shitgibbon has tweeted the oppostie, the Congress has subpoenaed you, and Corey is telling at alt-fact story that never happened, you know, in defense of the Russian Usurper.

And it’s only Monday.

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  1. Hah – one of many great scenes from this movie. A killer rabbit! Run away!


    • MDavis says:

      Look at the bones, man!
      More sensible than congressional Rs – look at the evidence, draw conclusion. Killer rabbit!
      Mynd you, shit gibbon bites Kan be pretti nasti.

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