Ah, Texas!

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy

Threats of violence, unfinished business, rowdy protesters mark end of tumultuous legislative session

AUSTIN — Lawmakers threatened to shoot and beat one another up on the final day of a legislative session beset by angry fights and emotional outbursts that often got in the way of completing their agenda.

Makes one wonder what was the agenda?

Lawmakers failed to approve a must-pass bill that would keep important state agencies, including one that licenses doctors, up and running. Amid stormy relations between the state’s top Republican leaders, two other measures Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick promoted also failed to pass: a property tax bill and a measure that would restrict bathroom use for transgender Texans.

Regulations, taxes, and Jeebus. You gotta read the whole thing, it includes on legislator calling ICE on the press covering the free-for-all because he spotted a Mexxxican. What a shit-show.

Ah, Texas!

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One Response to Ah, Texas!

  1. I read about this. I tried to imagine just now stupid it must have been to hear that guy telling the protestors he’d called ICE, but my brain simply cannot process that level of stupidity.

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