Dope Meets Pope, Cont.

Russian Usurper’s Anywhere But Home Tour, Cont.

Sad Bunny Spice

The Angry Inch, our pal Dumb Spice, was not part of the group that got to meet the Pope. Spicy is a devout Catholic, and I imagine that this will leave a sting. The only Catholic that Russian Usurper included in his entourage was Melanoma, but you know, he had a couple of Jews there.

This is Trump’s M.O. He’s a petty SOB.

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2 Responses to Dope Meets Pope, Cont.

  1. roket says:

    More importantly, is there any news on the Pope’s shoes???


  2. paul fredine says:

    maybe he was afraid spicy would want to go to confession and there’s no guarantee the confessionals weren’t bugged.


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