It’s Wilbur Ross Day!

Just listened to Wilbur Ross

Good grief, Charlie Brown, this guy:

“I think the other thing that was fascinating to me — there was not a single hint of a protester anywhere there during the whole time we were there, not one guy with a bad placard,” Secretary Wilbur Ross told CNBC in an interview Monday.

“But Secretary Ross,” CNBC’s Becky Quick interjected. “That may be but not necessarily because they don’t have those feelings there but because they control people and don’t allow them to come and express their feelings quite the same as we do here.”

“In theory that could be true,” he replied. “But boy there was certainly no sign of it, there was not a single effort at any incursion. There wasn’t anything. The mood was a genuinely good mood.”

If you click the link to CNBC, you can hear Living Unisom Wilbur Ross’ non-snoring voice, which is remarkable for its sleep-inducing monotone. It’s as if he and Deputy Dawg might be Traitor Joe’s father.

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5 Responses to It’s Wilbur Ross Day!

  1. Mr DeBakey says:

    Wilbur Ross favours Sharia Law.
    It seems.

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  2. tommyspoon says:

    They really live in their own bubble, don’t they?


  3. So quiet you could hear a whip crack, as they say.


  4. roket says:

    Bet he would really like N Korea.


  5. kilwer says:

    Stephen Colbert: “Hard to hold up anything when you don’t have any hands.” He went on to explain that political dissent is actually punishable by decapitation.

    Don’t give His Orangeness any ideas.

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