“Eye of Newt…”

The re-make of “Sleeper” looks really disappointing.



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9 Responses to “Eye of Newt…”

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The Loc-Nar! The sum of all evils!!!

    If you listen to fools the mob rules


  2. Bruce388 says:

    I’ve seen some fancy bowling balls but nothing like that.


  3. Sure! Grab the Palantir, what could go wrong…


  4. skinnydennis says:

    They told him it would make his dick bigger.


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    If Obama had been seen doing this, the wingnuts would have made it into a fake scandal.

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    • MDavis says:

      Or if Obama had been seen bowing, or implying that Israel is not in the ME, or if he had accepted a gold plated gift from a Saudi or if he had his picture projected on a wall, five stories high – and that is just the last couple of days, I could go on.


  6. wallacehenrya says:

    The Three Weird Sisters……

    Maybe a “witch hunt” is the appropriate analogy!


  7. DarkStar says:

    And thus the legion of doom was born.

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  8. RobGinChicago says:

    Trump, being very familiar with handling lite balls, saw no risk in handling a light ball.


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