Trump’s Fratsputin Jared Kushner: Person of Interest?

Who knew that Choate had a desert campus?

We note that Person of Interest actually has no legal meaning at all, so the breaking news last night that a White House Advisor is a person of interest in the Russian Probe is sort of sensationalism. That said, Vox’s email thingie goes long:

  • Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting that a current senior White House adviser is a person of interest in the FBI’s investigation into coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign. [Washington Post / Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky
  • The Post didn’t specify who this person is, but speculation immediately turned to Jared Kushner, who failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials in his security clearance paperwork. [NYT / Jo Becker and Matthew Rosenberg
  • Yashar Ali, a freelance reporter, claims to have confirmed that the report is about Kushner. He said this in a tweet, though, without an accompanying story clarifying the sourcing, so take it with a grain or two of salt. [Yashar Ali
  • Another sign it might be Kushner: Apparently the White House is considering invoking an obscure ethics rule that would bar special prosecutor Robert Mueller from investigating clients of his firm (WilmerHale). Those clients include Paul Manafort and … Jared Kushner. [Reuters / Julia Edwards Ainsley

Kushner makes my skin crawl, there’s something so opportunistic about him it reminds me of his father-in-law. The story (yesterday?) of his negotiating directly with Lockheed to cut a better deal for the Saudis has all of the trademarks of a Trump-style, self-serving PR stunt, especially as we learn that much of the deal had already been signed during the Obama years.

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5 Responses to Trump’s Fratsputin Jared Kushner: Person of Interest?

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It would be sweet to see him end up in jail, just like his old man!


  2. Kushner strikes me as the kind of person who doesn’t know his limits, like he’d try to hold the door open for you after you’ve passed through it just to give off a particular kind of image. There’s something off there.


  3. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Like father, like son.


  4. Jim says:

    Your italicizing Person of Interest reminded me of the TV series of which I was a big fan (I also like Mr. Robot so go figure) though of course that series had nothing in common with Prince Jared. I think Jared is also deeply involved with the money laundering (RICO charge) that the NY AG has prepared. I didn’t see him being smart enough to be part of the Russian hacking scheme (I mean he’s basically just a NY slumlord) so he’s probably being questioned about what he knows about the principals.


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