Housekeeping Note

Presses enter, then spots the typo!

Hey You,

I fooled them again!!1!

This upcoming week I will be returning to Crooks and Liars to do Mike’s Blog Round-Up (which is always the first post of the day at C&L and gets lotsa eyeballs on it), which means that this is a fine week to blow your own horn. Moderation is for monks. To taste the spice of life, you need to take a big bite…

Here’s the deal: You guys are funny, smart, and write really well and I see your comments all over the web. If you see a blog post somewhere that YOU liked or if you write something at your blog that you really feel proud of, send me a link. You are the best eyes and ears an editor could ever have.

As the gawd-father of small blogs, I like to take these monthly C&L opportunities to promote small(er), independent voices. Digby doesn’t need more hits, but you do. That attention whore Atrios (Duncan, I love ya man!) has enough attention already, so lets get some eyes on us little guys. I love Charlie Pierce, but does Esquire really need more clicks? Not, it does not (and besides, we all will go there anyway), so let’s get some of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy over to our places.

Send tips to: Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com.

Put MBRU in the subject line.

While I cannot promise that I will put your link on Crooks and Liars, I can promise that I will read it and consider it, and you know I will enjoy it!



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