Draining the Swamp, Cont.

News From The Swamp

Let’s review some headline of the scandals and foot shooting at the Swamp (in alpha order):

  • Axios This Week In Trumpland.
  • CNN: White House lawyers research impeachment.
  • McClatchySpecial counsel probe could reach into Trump’s business empire.
  •  Reuters: White House looking at ethics rule to weaken special investigation.
  • WaPo: Russia probe reaches a top adviser in White House.
  • WSJ: Fired FBI Director To Testify In Public Hearing.
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3 Responses to Draining the Swamp, Cont.

  1. Apparently, they drained a swamp and built Trump Tower in its place. Now there are Swamp Things everywhere!


    • “First I built a Trump White House and it sank into the swamp….”

      Can’t wait for the “Lets not quibble over ‘oo killed ‘oo” stage of this farce.


      • MDavis says:

        Trump properties always sink into the swamp, eventually, even if they catch fire and fall over first. (figuratively speaking, maybe?) And then he declares another bankruptcy. He’s sort of a one trick pony. Buy a property, make it as tacky as humanly possible and then add a little more gilt and marble, and when, inevitably, the venture fails declare bankruptcy. I think the only think he finds more amusing than bankruptcy is stiffing the working stiffs.


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