News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Sweet, sweet relief

The Daily Caller (no link for reasons, obvs):

“Internet provocateurs and journalists Chuck Johnson and Mike Cernovich are each launching websites to go after reporters, The Daily Caller has learned.”

Yes, THAT Chuck Johnson:

“Johnson has been banned from Twitter for harassment and previously was a freelance contributor for The Daily Caller. He also helped launch Wesearchr, which crowd-funded for information that sometimes pertained to journalists. Some of the “bounties” on the site were for Megyn Kelly’s divorce files, or a sex tape of Gawker founder Nick Denton.”

Sweet mother of Blog: someone has weaponized the Furby of Doom.

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  1. roket says:

    Be afwaid. Be vewwy vewwy afwaid.

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