You’re A Special Snowflake, That’s Why

Really makes you think, huh?

UPDATE: Doc. Zoom over at Wonkette has a post up that is both funny and informative. Recommended reading.

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6 Responses to You’re A Special Snowflake, That’s Why

  1. It took his clean-up folks 3 hours to fix it from the typo’d original–“councel”. He’s also declared the Russian investigation the “greatest witch hunt of a politician ever”.

    Well, I certainly think it’s pretty great…

    Bathos becomes him.


  2. Retiredeng says:

    Well, Obama and Clinton are smarter than you. You egotistical twit.


  3. MDavis says:

    It’s projection again. He shouldn’t be calling for a special councel for Clinton and Obama, since they’ll probably get dragged into it anyway. Even though it will be as injured parties he’ll then call it out is vindication for his position – or, rather “I said it first! Win!”


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