We Have A Winner!

Uncle Sugar’s Little Squirt (eww, gross)

The votes were counted, the usual bribes and honorarium were accepted, and the rigged election thus concludes in the best of all American traditions:

We bestow upon Sarah Huckabee Sanders the much-coveted Mock, Paper, Scissors nickname of Elmira Gantry, who may also be known from time-to-time as The Possum Queen.

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8 Responses to We Have A Winner!

  1. tommyspoon says:



  2. laura says:

    Jeezopesus, the entris were stellar!
    How about the top 7 get a day assigned, and then sprinkle in some also ran as needed.
    Just sayin.


  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    She looks like something Burt Lancaster sacrificed to the Porcelain god.


  4. moeman says:


    (BTW, did my year’s supply of 2017 Québec sirop d’érable show up?)


  5. I voted for Possum Queen only to realize to late that she is more of a Possum Princess. I’ll have to save Fetal Pig for her inevitable nepotistic replacement.


  6. Mr DeBakey says:

    Call her whatever you want,
    She’ll always be Elly Mae to me.


  7. Too late, I know, but Randy Rainbow called her “Sarah Huckleberry Sandbag”.


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