Your Midday Palate Cleanser is Cancelled: Vote!

Uncle Sugar’s Little Squirt (eww, gross)

We promised a rigged election to bequeath a MPS sobriquet for Elmer Gantry’s Daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (she who would replace our beloved Dumb Spice the Angry Inch as the press secretary for The Russian Usurper), and so here it is! Have your 2 voting IDs ready and whatever poll tax is applicable in your area (booze, probably) on hand, because here we go!

The list is randomized for everyone, you can vote for multiple entries, but you can only vote once (hint: cookies, it can be defeated. If you have the will power, you have the technology to rig it yourself), so choose a few names that you like. Because the nominations are so many and so worthy, we are not allowing new entries, and I’m turning comments off on this post. Oh, and the voting turns off at the end of the day, so vote today! No excuses you lazy bums!

And of course, MPS reserves the right to go with whatever the heck name I want because I’m a dictator. Benevolent as f***, though.

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