The Good Republican

The Good German syndrome postulates that many in Germany turned a blind eye to the madness as the Nazis took over and denied responsibility for what happened; I also believe that burning their uniforms and denying that they were part of the regime is also part of being The Good German.

Those of us with long memories might recall that after Chimpy’s Reign of Error, we saw something similar from Republicans who ran away from his disastrous wars and the smoldering wreck of the economy when they pronounced themselves to be either Tea Baggers or Independents.

“Dubya? Never heard of him,” and they continued on their merry way as constitutional conservatives.

Exhibit A is our old friend One-L who became the queen of the Obama-era Tea Party Caucus, but previously she was the Representative who kept clutching and trying to be seen with Chimpy:

Republicans becoming Tea Baggers was a rebranding unlike any other that came before it, except for the Good Germans.

And that brings us to Trump. Though the polls have certainly been wrong before, the indicators are that the 2018 midterms might turn the Senate over to the Dims and possibly the House. As I mentioned before, I don’t believe this, though I do think the Dims will make gains.

So let’s play What If.

So if 2018 does turn into a Blue tidal wave, will the Republicans rebrand themselves again? Will they go the Good German route and deny that they were ever part of Trump’s party? Or will they say, “eff-it, he got me fired from the Gravy Train and so Imma work for getting him impeached now?”

Haha, I jest.

They cheer Trump as he tries to take away healthcare, bans one of the great religions of the world from entering the US, and gives the tacit thumbs up to the fascists and racists and theocrats (oh my!), but boy, if they are thrown out on their pimpled white-male asses will they suddenly feel empowered to stand up for the country? Or will they be Good Germans and burn their uniforms (again).

I think I will invest in charcoal lighter futures and matches. I’ll be richer than a sultan.

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4 Responses to The Good Republican

  1. moeman says:

    If tinpotRump builds them their beautiful fucking wall, they might even help tear it down 50 years later.

    They will also not so ironically commandeer ‘All along the watchtower’ as their new anthem.


  2. Back in the 70’s, the wife in a couple my parents were friends with was born in Germany. She was a war bride and said she lived in Dachau through the war, yet had NO IDEA of what was going on down the street.

    In 1975 we did the family European vacation and ended up in Munich. I wanted to see the Dachau concentration camp. Thankfully it was on the map. Everybody we asked on the street had NO IDEA where it was. They had turned it into a museum. (All the pictures of Hitler had his eyes scratched out. lol)

    In the crematorium, you could still smell the burning flesh after 30 years. That’s when we knew this woman was lying through her false teeth.

    A powerful experience I would highly recommend to anybody who visits Germany.


    • Bruce388 says:

      We spent a few days in Munich several years ago. It was unnerving to see “Dachau Avenue,” or however their street signs are written. Seeing “Dachau” was enough for me.

      Dachau IS a powerful experience. Hitler’s trial run for bigger extermination camps to come.

      A major tourist stop in Munich is the Residenz, a residence for the royals in Bavaria. Taking the tour, so many times the guides would say, “This was damaged during the war,” as if they resented the damage. Small payback for Dachau.

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  3. another kiwi says:

    In the 1980s I worked in a winery along with three old British guys who used to sit together and moan about how terrible NZ was. I remember one morning though when the oldest guy said “Funny innit how we shot all the Nazis in the fighting. Afterwards there were none around.” Gonna be the same when Trumpenfuhrer goes down.

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