Trickle-Down Healthcare

At your cervix, Madame!

The Republican plan to save us all from the Cancers by giving tax cuts to billionaires seems to be off to a rocky start.

House Republicans celebrated passing legislation to repeal Obamacare last week — but apparently forgot to figure out how to talk about the feat back home.

The result has been a messaging mess, as lawmakers returned to their districts for a weeklong recess to face furious Obamacare defenders…

No kidding?

(and if you want a full look at this nasty NJ monster Rep. MacArthur, has a devastating bit up.)

The GOP technique for avoiding angry constituents runs from A to B and back again:

Rep. Jeff Denham of California, one of 23 Republicans representing a district won by Hillary Clinton last year, told constituents that the legislation, which was approved without a single Democratic vote, passed after a “bipartisan” process.

Lying is always a solid choice, Jeff. Kevin chooses to say the magic conjuring words: Senate Rules made him do it!

In North Dakota, Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer said the bill’s shortcomings were the result of arcane Senate budget rules that prohibited an up-or-down vote on repealing Obamacare altogether.

Except of course this happened in the House! Nice try, Kevin, and thanks for playing our game! Be sure to pick up some fabulous parting gifts from your lobbyists!

But if we have to pick a winner, I would go with Rep. Tom Garrett:

Garrett, a member of the hard-line conservative House Freedom Caucus, defended his comments on Tuesday during a town hall in tiny Moneta, Virginia. He was pressed about conservatives’ past vows to provide ample time to read legislation.

“Not only did our team read that bill,” Garrett said, “I would wager that if you line me up against any member of either party as it relates to the intricacies of the [bill] … I could acquit myself very well.”

Garrett faced a town hall packed with Obamacare supporters who interrupted repeatedly as he defended the plan. One constituent said her father lived with brain cancer for eight years before dying of pneumonia.

“But if he had lost those benefits at any point in the eight years he had cancer, there’s no way he would’ve gotten coverage,” the constituent said. “What did my dad do to make you think that he deserved to pay more — would’ve deserved to pay more because he got sick?”

Garrett responded by recounting his mother’s lengthy battle with cancer, which she survived.

Seriously, he tried the old, “I’m almost an orphan myself” gambit. Now THAT takes some brass.

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4 Responses to Trickle-Down Healthcare

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Why the hell does Jersey keep voting for GOP assholes?


    • Bruce388 says:

      MacArthur’s district has some upscale suburban areas and a nice chunk of Jersey Shore, so he can get away with being Republican. His town meeting, however, was in very Democratic Willingboro. talked to some Republicans who showed up and they think the AHCA sucks, too.

      But to your question about GOP assholes: Are there any other kinds?


  2. JTO says:

    Even more to the point BBBB – the Republicans have told the world what they were going to do. Then, Idiot America voted for Republicans. And NOW they are pissed off that Republicans are doing exactly what they said they would do? I am not a heighten the contradictions kinda guy. If I had been fooled all this time, bought this line, for this long, and then was surprised, shocked or outraged – I think I would have to find a cave deep in the woods and pledge my life to silence and contemplation.

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