Some Stupid for Your Coffee Break?

Which one of these is not like the other?

Spot the current and future governors of Idaho!

Hey guys, remember this dude, Raul Labrador?

Labrador announced that he’s running for Governor of Idaho in 2018. What with all the (bad?) name recognition he must have gotten from the clip above telling constituents that they are not gonna die when he voted to take away their healthcare, the iron is hot, dontcha know? Dude has political instincts and mad skillz.

And not to press the obvious joke, if Labrador wins, he replaces Gov. Butch Otter. It is like a setup for some 1950s Catskill Comedy routine updated for Furries or sumpin’. And I thought Idaho was famous for potatoes.

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8 Responses to Some Stupid for Your Coffee Break?

  1. tommyspoon says:

    Ah, Idaho. Montana’s “Portugal”!

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  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Found Waldo, I mean Raul and the Mrs.!

    They just ruined that Motel 6.


  3. Retiredeng says:

    Labrador IS a potato.


  4. roket says:

    Clowns don’t scare me but furries do.


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    About that Idaho potato


  6. Ten Bears says:

    It’s ok to laugh at Idaho. Out here we all laugh at Idaho. Even.Idaho laughs at Idaho.


  7. Sirius Lunacy says:

    There ain’t no place to ‘cept for Idaho, Spokane


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