Shit Got Real

The Russian Usurper fires FBI Director Comey:


It sounds like Trump fired him because he did not move to prosecute Hillary Clinton:

The White House released several documents after Comey’s firing. But perhaps the most shocking language came from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in a memo to Attorney General Sessions dated Tuesday. 

“The current FBI Director is an articulate and persuasive speaker about leadership and the immutable principles of the Department of Justice,” Rosenstein wrote. “He deserves our appreciation for his public service. As you and I have discussed, however, I cannot defend the director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken. Almost everyone agrees that the director made serious mistakes; it is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives.”

Rosenstein continues to expand his case for Comey’s removal, adding indictment after indictment of Comey’s behavior in handling the email case publicly. 

“The director was wrong to usurp the attorney general’s authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without prosecution,” Rosenstein continued. “It is not the function of the director to make such an announcement. At most, the director should have said the FBI had completed its investigation and presented its findings to federal prosecutors. The director now defends his decision by asserting that he believed Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a conflict. But the FBI director is never empowered to supplant federal prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department.”

Man, the Russian Usurper just cannot let go of Hillary.


” President Trump has catastrophically compromised the FBI’s ongoing investigation of his own White House’s ties to Russia,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said in a statement. “Not since Watergate have our legal systems been so threatened, and our faith in the independence and integrity of those systems so shaken. The only way to restore faith in a non-political, non-partisan FBI is to appoint an independent special prosecutor.”

UPDATE 2: Vox has the firing letter up.


Man, that’s just cold.

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13 Responses to Shit Got Real

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Shit canning and character asassination of the guy who put him in office is the best way to show the value of loyalty to tiny hands don.

    Who’s head is next to roll?

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  2. Nora Daly says:

    Shades of Richard Nixon!

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  3. Pupienus Maximus says:

    It sounds like Trump fired him because he did not move to prosecute Hillary Clinton:

    Tg, old pal, you fell into the same trap we are constantly assailing the media for tripping into. Don’t focus on what they SAY, focus on what they DO, right? Especially when only hours earlier Sean MerdusSpicer said Comey enjoyed tRump’s full confidence.

    What it actually looks like is he fired him as an act of desperation. tRump just lit a bonfire under the investigation.

    And one must wonder what contingency plans J . Edgar Comey laid in anticipation of this event. He maybe a scuzzbucket but he’s a very sharp scuzzbucket.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Trump is going to appoint Jared Kushner as FBI head.


  5. moeman says:

    Comey said to be feeling really nauseous.

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  6. HarpoSnarx says:

    The only debts the Russian Usurper pays are the dolts who got him into office.


  7. I don’t think Trump was really serious about prosecuting HRC. This was done to disrupt the Russian investigation. Unfortunately, I don’t have much sympathy for Comey. He made it easy for Trump to target him by deliberately making himself to visible. Now, we’re all talking about this and not what was revealed yesterday. Hmm.


  8. Redhand says:

    This is bigger crisis for the rule of law and basic representative democracy in this country than Watergate ever was. You can bet that Trump was feeling the heat from the Russia investigation. And with party-over-country traitors like McConnell greasing the skids in Congress, he could get away with it. As Jeffrey Toobin notes:

    “If anyone thinks a new FBI director will come in and the agency will just take over and continue their investigation, as if this had never happened, that’s not how it works,” Toobin warned. “They will put in a stooge who will shut down this investigation.”

    I just got back today from a 50th High School Reunion in Rome – Overseas School of Rome, Class of 1967. I wonder why the Fall of the Roman Republic is much on my mind now.


  9. ming says:

    Well this totally explains the new “I am not a crook” header on his tweets.


  10. roket says:

    If Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Investigation then why is his name all over the firing of the guy in charge of the Russian Investigation?


  11. Jim says:

    A WH source apparently said that Giuliani is being considered for AG. However, pretty sure he would not make it through the Senate at all. First, he’s been pretty crazy babbling lately and second he is deeply involved in the Russia investigation and would almost certainly be indicted. Rosenstein needs to appoint a special prosecutor immediately.



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