Bedside Reading

It’s real (or at least Amazon has it; click the image for more details). The reviews are great, but they are sticky.

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8 Responses to Bedside Reading

  1. Torontonian says:

    So, it’s a handbook then, is it?


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Is Dr Tissot Patient Zero?
    Oh the humanity.


  3. Infidel753 says:

    The “customers who bought this item also bought” section is worth a look in itself. Some people out there with interesting senses of humor.


  4. Karla says:

    There’s a guy who made several comments on others’ reviews (Tony Sesco). I would never want to meet him as he seems to have no sense of humor.
    And then there’s the lovely conservatoid reviewer who blames everything on “liberalism” and quotes Paul Harvey. Gah! I can’t get away from them anywhere!


  5. A.J. says:

    “The reviews are great…”?

    Are you kidding, Ten?? Those reviews are PRICELESS!!


  6. Bruce388 says:

    Back in my college days Friday was the day we exchanged our sheets and pillowcases for a freshly laundered set. On Thursday nights there was a whole lot of disease-catching goin’ on.


    • tengrain says:

      Sweet Jeebus, Bruce388, I totally forgot about that. I don’t remember what day ours exchange was. I remember that they had no fitted sheets, so the beds came un-made with the greatest of ease — often to much hilarity, especially if you had the upper-bunk.





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