Artist Kills Creation

I am sad that any work gets misappropriated by the Alt-Right and fascists. I find it incredibly sad that the artist Matt Furie has had to go to such lengths to try to reclaim his original vision and to do that he had to kill-off his most famous creation. Imagine Jim Henson killing Kermit, it must feel similar.

There are only so many ways in which a comic artist can reclaim his/her work once it has gone viral and warped. I hope this gives Furie some peace.


“The man behind the viral Pepe the Frog cartoon has seemingly killed the character off, giving in to relentless trolling from the alt-right and white supremacists, who hijacked the frog as their own during the 2016 US presidential election.”

“…Pepe creator [Matt] Furie had hoped to reclaim his creation, denouncing the use of the cartoon as a hate symbol. A campaign was started to “save Pepe the frog” but failed to really put a dent in the alt-right’s transformation of the image.

“In late 2016, Furie described the situation in an article he wrote for Time as a “nightmare.”

“‘The only thing I can do is see this as an opportunity to speak out against hate,” he said.'”

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  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Furor should have sold the character to Disney, they would have aggressively gone after appropriators for violating IP laws.

    Also, the whole “killing off a character because of appropriation” goes all the way back to ****SPOILER ALERT FOR CENTURIES OLD BOOK**** Cervantes killing off Don Quixote. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John killed off Jesus, but they retconned the story so they could bring him back for a sequel. Subsequent authors did a shit job, making Jesus an even bigger right-wing character than Pepe.


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