A.I.: The Rev. Shaw Moore of Science

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I’m pleased to report that Artificial Intelligence is still lagging when it comes to playing the ponies:

A platform that crowdsources the insights of experts to make predictions on events has come up short in its second attempt to call the Kentucky Derby. It got last year’s race exactly right.

Unanimous A.I., a company touting the power of collective intelligence to provide insights into the future, correctly predicted the top four finishers of the 2016 Derby: Nyquist, Exaggerator, Gun Runner, and Mohaymen. Anyone who bet their prediction of the top four finishers would have scored a so-called “superfecta” that paid out on odds of 540 to 1.

So, being a bookie and/or a gambler is still an honorable profession to which one can aspire with a certain amount of job security? Not so fast:

Over the past three weeks, an AI poker bot called Libratus has played thousands of games of heads-up, no-limit Texas hold’em against a cadre of top professional players at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. And it beat them all.

…In heads-up, no-limit Texas hold’em, then, it’s virtually impossible, for there is no single correct play. Instead, the AI must use game theory to calculate optimal plays given the uncertainties.

In the end, it wasn’t even close: Libratus made off with $1.8 million in chips, while all four of the pros ended up with a deficit. Artificial intelligence has never beaten top players at a game so lacking in information as no-limit Texas hold’em. Like DeepMind’s Go victory before it, then, the win is a seminal moment for the machine learning community.

Well, back to the drawing board.

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  1. Infidel753 says:

    I’m afraid it’s even more serious than that. The fact that a robot can play Texas hold’em is a sign that Satan’s global computer brain will soon rule the world through demon-possessed robots. No, really. Rick Wiles himself says so.


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