Lying Liar Lies, Film at 11

“Oh, gross,” said the fish

This takes some brass:

Oh yeah, ZEGS, about that score…

Twenty-four million people would lose their insurance over the next 10 years under Republican legislation being pushed to repeal Obamacare, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Monday.

“In 2026, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law,” the CBO said.

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9 Responses to Lying Liar Lies, Film at 11

  1. laura says:

    The banality of evil captured in a souless, smarmy bag man for the wealthy.
    If his lifeless body is ever discovered in the trunk of a burning car, I’d run over with a hot dog on a stick, a bun and some mustard.


  2. stopthemovie says:

    If he was in a punch me booth at the fair at 10 bucks a pop, I would be there with a roll of twenties!


  3. roket says:

    “I can do a massive transfer of wealth in three pages,” he did not say.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    See that fish? That’s us.


  5. MDavis says:

    First, I have to point out that, sometimes, if you ask a question where a person with Asperger’s lite (which I believe I make others suffer with – that’s a joke, they suffer with my – you know, never mind I’m not going to explain it) will hear/see it you’ll get a triggered response. So – shorter version: That 30 pieces of silver, figuratively speaking, works out to over $931 million from Pharma/insurance/investment sources and the resulting travesty works out to an estimated 24 million people losing insurance coverage.
    More literally, it appears that this amount (30 pieces of silver) has been calculated to be equivalent to between $600 and $3,000, based on the starting allegation that it is meant to represent 6 weeks pay. If you calculate the actual value of the coins I have been getting results of between $3,600 to $6,000 depending on the denomination and on the condition of the coin. This is google top-harvesting talking, though, so grain of salt here.
    It looks like a calculation taking inflation into account (see, guide to ancient Roman coins) 74 Denarii would pay the annual salary of a Roman army commander for a year roughly in the year 0 Common Era – so 30 Denarii, a silver Roman coin, would translate, with inflation, to about $34,000 when using a US army company commander for comparison. I don’t know if these wages have been keeping up with inflation, though
    Or perhaps we want a more practical translation of the spirit of 30 pieces of silver for which I used Ryan’s top 20 donors according to – these break out to, roughly
    pharma or insurance
    (both of those together)
    and DeVos (really, it is from Amway)
    I focused on pharma/insurance for the direct connection to health care gouging and investment for general fuckery available to the donors if the zombie care goes forward, including a statistic I read but have not confirmed that the OMB projected (on the first ACHA, that didn’t pass) a reduction in SS benefit payments over 10 years of approximately $3 billion. If this is part of the scoring – I don’t think the current mess even has the OMB score, still. So I had better stop there. It is too shaky for even a WAG.


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