The Morning Summary


We begin with the rooster cock crowing:

And this commercial started playing in drive time (in L.A. and maybe elsewhere?):

“It will rip health-care coverage away from millions of people. It imposes an age tax on millions of seniors: the older you are the more you pay. If you have a pre-existing condition, it could increase your out-of-pocket costs. Cancer: nearly $73,000 a year. Asthma: $4,300 … Heart disease: $18,000. Arthritis: $26,000. Even pregnancy: $17,000. Millions of Americans will pay more out of pocket, higher drug prices, higher premiums, higher deductibles. Health insurance we can no longer afford.”

…and then let’s move into some analysis:

“It’s ‘Trumpcare’ now, and Republicans have to answer for it. After dozens of symbolic votes, House Republicans finally pushed through a bill to gut Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, with President Donald Trump hailing the replacement as ‘a great plan’ that has ‘really brought the Republican Party together.’ Democrats are giddy about what could be severe political consequences for the GOP. Even though the Senate still has to act, Republicans now largely own a measure that would curtail, and in some cases take away completely, benefits Americans have embraced after seven years. Chief among them: a guarantee of paying the same amount for coverage regardless of health history. Budget analysts estimate 24 million people would lose insurance over a decade, 14 million in the first year, and older Americans would face higher costs.”

And then there’s this:

More than a dozen senior Republican strategists, lawmakers, and potential candidates expressed varying degrees of concern over the political implications of the health care push. Some predicted that House members would face a fierce backlash from voters, while others said the party had erred badly in rushing through a bill that lacked broad public support. The vote, combined with President Donald Trump’s record-low poll numbers and rising public dissatisfaction with how Republicans are wielding power over the federal government, has produced a cauldron of instability for the party, which is holding onto a 24-seat edge in the House. There is also the weight of history: In every midterm election since 2002, the party in the White House has lost congressional seats

So I guess what I’m trying to say to the Republicans, to borrow one of their previous taglines, YOU BUILT THIS!

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3 Responses to The Morning Summary

  1. roket says:

    The funny part is they won a skirmish and not a battle. The war on healthcare is not over yet, boys.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    I’ve been think about “gutting” quite a bit larely.


  3. laura says:

    Hey, I love men, money and marijuana!
    But I also love affordable health care and the ACA.
    Do how do I square that circle?


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