Activism: Saving The ACA, Saving Ourselves

[Keeping this on top: get those digits punching your Senator’s numbers — TG]
As we all know the R’s in congress just earned their 2018 campaign contributions wingnut welfare checks and left a shit sandwich for the Senate.

A call to action:

Get on your phones and make two calls to each of your Senators, whether D or R and tell them to save Obamacare:

Keyword: Single Payer
Keyword: I love Obamacare
Keyword: Happy Cinco de Mayo. Talk to you next week.

Leave a VM at 04:00 or talk to someone while waiting in rush hour traffic. However you do it please make four calls tomorrow – Friday, May 5, 2017.

Remember three things:batgirlredphone_zps2d0d7e99

  1. We are the backbone of the Democratic party, without us supporting them the politicians cannot stand
  2. Phone calls work.
  3. No one is going to do it for us.


Here’s some music for to listen to while waiting on hold or as your reward for making the 04:00 phone calls.

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3 Responses to Activism: Saving The ACA, Saving Ourselves

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Four calls made.
    Four messages left.

    Time investment <5 minutes.

    Please make four calls today. We need to hit them hard and fast.


  2. Ali Redford says:

    Well, done FWIW; my Senators are Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran. But I did 4 calls in hopes that it ripples.



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