When You Hire Plutocrats To Drain The Swamp

“I’m coming Donnie”

Hey guys, remember this Tweet couplet from Hair Führer the other day, in which he calls for shutting down the gubmint?

Well, his freaking OMB Director Mick Mulaney agrees with him!

I cannot begin to imagine what our creditors must be thinking when the OMB Director is cheering on a shut down. This is beyond surreal and has entered the event horizon I call the “Stupidularity,” and that Scissorhead pharmakeusubik calls the “Scheisskopf Radius”.

Anyway, Mulvaney’s twattering makes one wonder if anyone in the 4th Reich knows that Hair Führer can just veto the spending bill that he doesn’t like? Why wait for September? Shut it down NOW Donnie! I double-dog dare you!

But more importantly, can someone explain how shutting down the government fixes anything, or what it is that gets fixed when that happens? I mean other than giving the Orange Menace more time for golf?

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8 Responses to When You Hire Plutocrats To Drain The Swamp

  1. roket says:

    Government is a series of tubes.


  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    …can someone explain how shutting down the government fixes anything, or what it is that gets fixed when that happens?

    If “fixes” nothing of course, but in terms of a Trumpworld calculus that might be at work I can only offer a cut-and-paste comment from bluthner, an astute commenter over at my house;

    If the government shuts down for lack of a funding mandate, I can’t see how that hurts Trump much at all. So I’m assuming he can’t see it hurting him even less.
    Seems not even possible there won’t be an emergency bill to continue funding everything military, which no Republican will refuse to vote for and Trump will of course sign. So long as he has $$ to run the guns- what does he care if the rest goes to shit?

    He’ll blame every bit of the shit on Obama, and on the Democrats in Congress. He thrives on chaos and upset, so the more the merrier. Sure all that chaos and upset will, or should, motivate the Dem base and the non-Dem but anti-Trump base, and play havoc come the 2018 elections, but if you are Trump the 2018 elections are too far away to even think about, much less make plans around.

    He knows the Russians Stole Our Election shit is about to hit the fan and so needs a LOT of noise around the place to drown it out. If he could orchestrate blackouts and race-riots and dead people in the streets he would do it. Nothing would suit the orange comb-over fuckedface more than any excuse he can find to call out the national guard here there and everywhere. Tanks on the streets of D.C. would be even better.

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  3. Retiredeng says:

    Trump is probably lame enough to not even know he can veto a bill.


  4. C Montgomery Burns says:

    As long as the monsters receive their paychecks while the rest of 10’s of millions of federal employees get screwed….tRump can work on his gold game while the pilot of AF1 and the secret service go without pay.
    win-win in gop land

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  5. MDavis says:

    I thought we knew this was coming. You are referring to the bankruptcy king, he probably thinks that a shutdown would be the same thing except for the government. He’ll claim that he’ll eliminate the government’s debt this year before it is over with.


  6. The game (as the White House seems to see it) would be to force some Democrats to vote for some things Trump wants in order to *prevent* a shutdown. The thinking seems to be that, at that point, the Democrats own either outcome: either they forced the shutdown, or else Trump made them climb onto his bandwagon.

    It all comes down to confidence in the Republican Party propaganda machine’s ability to shift blame.

    But that, in turn, comes down to the audience. From that standpoint, nothing need or can be done, because no one’s mind is going to be changed at this late date. Everyone who has decided to believe the Party propaganda is going to continue doing so, as will everyone who has decided never to believe it again.


  7. Pupienus Maximus says:

    What needs to be fixed? In tRumpy’s head what’s broken is people aren’t obeying him. That psychopathic dominance thing in his head is in a tizzy.



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