The Night Jimmy Kimmel Killed Healthcare Repeal

That was something, wasn’t it?

Axios reports:

An Obama White House alumnus told me last night that Jimmy Kimmel killed the Republicans’ already shaky efforts to revive the House’s health-care reform. (In prime time last night, CNN was running the banner: “LATEST GOP HEALTH CARE BILL ON VERGE OF COLLAPSE.” The WashPost’s lead story is “GOP health bill on shaky ground.”)

The instant ubiquity of the late-night host tearfully discussing his baby Billy’s open-heart surgery, along with a message decrying Trump’s proposed cuts to the National Institutes of Health (“If your baby is going to die, … it should not matter how much money you make”), is an eye-opening case study of the stunning velocity of the new media ecosystem.

I asked Sara Fischer, Axios’ media-trends reporter, if there was a way to quantify the reach of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” monologue, beyond the 7 million views on his official YouTube page. Ninety minutes later, she sent a fascinating breakdown.

Kimmel typically reaches roughly 2 million people per night on his show. You’ll never believe what happened next …


  • On Facebook, Kimmel’s monologue clip received over 14 million views and 230,000 reactions in less than 24 hours. His posts typically don’t receive more than 1 million views.
  • On Instagram, the video post of his monologue received 122,968 views and 20,022 likes. That’s about double his average Instagram post engagement.
  • His tweet of the video received over 26,000 retweets and 79,000 likes. His tweets don’t typically earn more than a couple hundred retweets.


Weighing in:

  • Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton tweeted their support, as well as numerous celebrities.
  • On Capitol Hill, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), cited the speech on the House floor. Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), now a syndicated radio talk-show host, was ripped online after he tweeted: “Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn’t obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else’s health care.”

And of course, we need a Libertarian asshole to balance out the report, so who better than Joe Walsh to explain to us that he knows nothing about how insurance works, children (d’uh), or being a decent human being:

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6 Responses to The Night Jimmy Kimmel Killed Healthcare Repeal

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    I had heard about this but hadn’t watched it. Phenomenal.

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    • tengrain says:

      Ellis – It took me a full day to finally look at it. It was very powerful and I hope that it moves some people to call their Representatives.

      I have a feeling that GOPers don’t watch late-night teevee (and I know that the ones in my family hate Kimmel almost as much as Colbert), so I worry that Joe Walsh’s reaction is the standard-issue reply.

      As always, it is up to us on the Left to protect everyone from the Right, including the Right themselves. Universal Healthcare means for everyone, even them.



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  2. DicTater says:

    I know Walsh doesn’t feel obligated to spend money to support his own damn kids, so his tweet is not surprising.


  3. MDavis says:

    So Joe Walsh doesn’t have insurance, right,? He just pays out of pocket for any medical expenses, right? Ri-i-i-ight.


  4. vonBeavis says:

    First comment by EW is about Kimmel’s emotional appeal. Kimmel is able to afford expensive medical treatment and didn’t need to make an appeal for decency from the loathsome tGOP. The other comments, mine included, are about the turd in the punch bowl Tengrain pinched at the very end, i.e. Joe Deadbeat Dad Walsh with the typical (pre-sick, pre-broke) Randian bullshit rebuttal.

    Jades has a special place for the dingleberries on the anal hairs of the cosmos like Walsh and his ilk. The zombie-eyed granny starver is an enabler to cretins like Joey. F-you, “I got mine!” Bad hombres indeed.


  5. apacapacas says:

    SADLY, Kimmel didn’t kill the AHCA dead enough. It squeezed through the House on a 217-213 vote and is now headed for the Senate, which said it would take up the matter in June, maybe.



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