Today in Tinfoil Hat News…

…weather weapons.

Our old pal Coach Dave is really swinging for the cheap seats!

It’s amazing to me that the Right believes in weather weapons, but then says that there is no man-made global warming. So man-made weather weapons on one hand, and on the other, well, what exactly? As puny humans, made from a handful of dust, we have no ability to alter our world, because Jeebus’ divine plan for the Olive Garden of Eden?

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7 Responses to Today in Tinfoil Hat News…

  1. roket says:

    Too bad they don’t believe in science since Scientists have been predicting this type of weather for years.


    • MDavis says:

      First I read of it was, I believe, in the late 70s – global warming will bring more blizzards (among other things)


      • It’s straight up thermodynamics.

        Climate is essentially the heat energy that the whole earth is is at. This energy wants to be the same everywhere in a closed system.

        It’s hot at the equator cold at the poles. Heat flows from one place to another, via the atmosphere, since the water and rock don’t travel well.

        Weather is the direct result of that heat flow. More heat flow == More weather.

        It’s not really rocket surgery, just the relentless application of the Three Laws.


      • MDavis says:

        (meant for brucedesertrat) – Yes, but I didn’t get that connection without a nudge. (also I was younger then, and there was less out there about the climate) I also had it pointed out to me (along with an accusation that I was some climate science denying troll) that we call it “climate change” now because “global warming” is too dam-ned confusing for the rubes because it snows in the winter. I maintain that changing the commonly used name will only go so far. If the rubes and their puppet masters don’t want to understand, they can not-understand no matter what you call it. Too bad we cannot send all the puppet masters to the places hardest hit, i.e.: let them suffer the consequences that they claim are not going to happen.


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Right-wingers have a remarkable knack for believing contradictory things, thus these pro-death penalty bigots worship a peacenik who told everybody to love each other and was executed for his beliefs.


  3. JTO says:

    Tengrain, dear, dear Tengrain. You are asking too much, far too much, of the beleaguered Coach Dave. Your comment was three sentences long, packed with clauses and commas and the like. And there were two questions. How is he supposed to respond? You think this guy is ready for an essay exam?


  4. Mark Smeraldi says:

    Heat is the engine that drives ALL weather. If you add more heat, you don’t just get warmer weather. You get BIGGER weather.This shouldn’t be so hard to understand.



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