Indie Bookstore Day is Saturday

Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April. Every store is unique and independent, and every party is different. But in addition to authors, live music, cupcakes, scavenger hunts, kids events, art tables, readings, barbecues, contests, and other fun stuff, there are exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on that day. Not before. Not after. Not online.

Every good Scissorhead is a reader, this is a well-known, true fact. And therefore, Saturday is a big day for all of us as we celebrate Indie bookstores. I will be going to several of my favorite Seattle bookstores (the surprise is that even as the home of the Death Star Amazon, Seattle has a YUGE number of indie book stores; Amazon has one brick and mortar bookstore at the mall, but I’ve never seen anyone in it…). There are a few bookstores in every neighborhood I’ve visited since moving here. This place is a reader’s paradise.

Independent bookstores are not just stores, they’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers. They are entire universes of ideas that contain the possibility of real serendipity. They are lively performance spaces and quiet places where aimless perusal is a day well spent.

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

If you have some time to spare on Saturday, go to an indie bookstore, many are planning a full event of activities, author reading, and some even have give-aways. If you have a few Ameros to spare, buy a book and support your local economy.

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4 Responses to Indie Bookstore Day is Saturday

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    There are so few indie bookstores in the NYC metro area (the rent is too damn high!), but I know of one not too far from work…


  2. Greendayman says:

    Greetings from greendayman in Beautiful Downtown Quartzsite AZ, home of the nudist bookseller!! Remember me? Salmonalley? I didn’t think so,,,, anyway…
    For indie bookstore day –
    Great bookstore… once you get used to Paul.
    At least his wife wears clothes. Paul went to a town meeting and they actually had a motion and took a vote for him to put on some pants and a shirt. He protested mightily, but finally gave up and got dressed for the meetings from then on.
    Like to attach a pic but no can do in this format. Your email thingy also seems to have blocked me. BUT, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still friends.
    Tried the twitter but … can’t write in 144 characters.. just can’t do it. Always hated minimalists.
    Still spitballin’ – greendayman


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