The Theocrats Are Becoming Self-Aware

If there is one thing we learn from the classics (and by this I mean Blade Runner), it’s self-awareness is always the beginning of the end.

Anyway, today Jim Bakker gets close to the tears in the rain speech from Blade Runner:

Jim Bakker says one of the most dangerous news stories in the world is upon is: The ban of fake news.

For those who have fallen victim to some of the internet’s hoaxes, the legal ban may seem like a good idea. But beware: It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“The assembly … seeks to make it a crime to be wrong on the internet,” John Wooddall, co-host of Revelation in the News, says.

“Who is going to be the judge of what is fake?” Bakker asks.

The ban could affect evangelism and the spread of the gospel if rabid atheists label the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ as “fake news.” 


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5 Responses to The Theocrats Are Becoming Self-Aware

  1. Karla says:

    No, don’t tell anyone that it’s just a made-up story cobbled together from other earlier made -up stories! We want to keep the rubes in the dark.


  2. ming says:

    Guess that makes me a rabid atheist.
    However, we are all atheists. I just believe in one less god than most people. And… as long as we are giving names to people who don’t believe in certain things that don’t exist, I prefer to be called an abunniest. Despite evidence to the contrary in the form of colored eggs hidden beneath chair cushions and behind doors on a random Sunday in the spring of every year, I still don’t believe in the Easter Bunny.


    • Oh come now, it’s very real, for that is the day upon which we bunnists celebrate the life of our lord and savior Peter, and his Miraculous Escape from the clutches of Farmer MacGregor, who monstorusly killed and ate Peter’s Father.


      • ming says:

        If I believed that then I would have to believe in the fallen Archbunny Frank and I definitely don’t want to go there.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    A crime to be wrong on the Internet? Where does that leave our President?


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