Location, Location, Location

Grifters Gotta Grift

Buzzfeed captured this image before it was taken off of a Federal website.


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration deleted the contents of a State Department webpage promoting Donald Trump’s private club in Florida on Monday after it drew a wave of criticism from ethics and legal experts for using federal resources to boost the president’s bottom line.

There is no winter White House, there is only the White House.

Do not normalize this.

The Grifter-in-Chief was putting an ad up on a Federal server (paid for by us) to enrich himself by promoting his private club, Mar A Go-go. I mean, Sweet Jeebus, Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm before taking the oath of office and this grifter is using federal resources to pimp his properties.

I can haz impeachment now?

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7 Responses to Location, Location, Location

  1. roket says:

    Try to imagine Barack Hussein Obama doing the same thing. Now try to imagine President Obama with three wives, five kids and an unknown number of mistresses and dependents.

    IOKIYAR goes double when republicans are in charge.


  2. i wonder if they allow non-members to eat at the restaurant there

    apparently not – the website says

    The Mar-a-Lago Club offers an extraordinary culinary experience for its members and their guests.

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  3. trump’s dc hotel – mother’s day brunch – $125/person, $49 for children 9-12


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  4. Condi says:

    The problem is you’re not watching the other hand: Look over here; see, nothing up my sleeve! Wait! Look over there – North Korea! Sad (bigly)…

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