Right Wing Violent Extremists

Jeebus Saves

In case you missed this, and I certainly did until now, the GAO (Government Accounting Office) was tasked with analyzing violent extremism in the United States, and boy-howdy do they drop the hammer on the Right (emphasis mine):

“Since September 12, 2001, the number of fatalities caused by domestic violent extremists has ranged from 1 to 49 in a given year. As shown in figure 2, fatalities resulting from attacks by far right wing violet [sic] extremists have exceeded those caused by radical Islamist violent extremists in 10 of the 15 years, and were the same in 3 of the years since September 12, 2001. Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent). The total number of fatalities is about the same for far right wing violent extremists and radical Islamist violent extremists over the approximately 15-year period (106 and 119, respectively). However, 41 percent of the deaths attributable to radical Islamist violent extremists occurred in a single event—an attack at an Orlando, Florida night club in 2016 (see fig. 2). Details on the locations and dates of the attacks can be found in appendix II.”

I’m expecting we will hear denouncements of the findings soon, so keep an eye on this space.

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8 Responses to Right Wing Violent Extremists

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Let us not forget that Islamic fundamentalism is also a right-wing movement.

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  2. moeman says:

    This is really good stuff, for tRump’s upcoming rally.

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    I am so pinning that photo to the wall.

    Say’s it all.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    And we know what has to be done. Defund the GAO.

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    • tengrain says:

      Bruce388, that is a given. Why those bastards have said that the Taco Curtain is going to cost tens of billions of dollars more than Trump says it will cost!

      Fake News! Deep State!




  5. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Pssst – those 49 deaths in Orlando almost certainly belong in the other column. The only Islamic terrorism involved was that guy was inspired by Islamic terrorism; he was not motivated by it. America gets the credit for Orlando.


  6. paul fredine says:

    it would all go away if just donald would say ‘violent right wing extremism’. isn’t that what he said obama should do about the ‘mooslum problem’? just say it and **poof!** all gone.


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