Today in History

Sean pines away his days.

2009: Sean Hannity volunteers to be waterboarded for charity, and to prove that it is not torture.

It’s been eight long years, Sean. We’re still waiting. I got a glass of water with your name on it.

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5 Responses to Today in History

  1. laura says:

    Heck, after all these years I’d be happy to settle for either a gastric tube or anal feeding as a compromise. Word in the unconstitutional detention community is that both are “humane” and “necessary” to prevent asymmetrical warfare.

    Come on Sean, man up and keep your word.


  2. Retiredeng says:

    Hannity is a wuss. Neva happen.


  3. cat copeland says:

    Does anyone have the BALLS/OVARIES to ask this ASSHOLE where are YOURS, DICK!!!


  4. Does it have to be water? I just finished a couple of beers, and …


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