Happy Earth Day

We’ll start with a Tweet or two from Hair Führer to set the mood:

And two tweets before that:

These things are NOT unrelated. And now a musical interlude to calm my raging blood pressure.

Seattle had a March for Science, too/also, and it started in my neighborhood and appropriately ended at the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located.

I hope everyone had a good Earth Day.

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5 Responses to Happy Earth Day

  1. buckobear says:

    Clean air and watter. That’s why companies can dump toxic shit in streams, foul the air and not clean up after themselves …. makes sense to me.

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  2. Jim says:

    Wish I lived in Seattle, where one of my uncles was once fire chief (wherever the docks are). As scientists, of course, my wife and I went to the DC March (we live in the MD near-suburbs) and so got really wet and cold but met lots (and I mean LOTS) of great people. Don’t think the numbers will reach the Women’s March, which we also participated in but probably not very far behind. The DC March had great speakers and great music. Also really well-organized and entirely peaceful, of course (I mean these are science people not Trump supporters). Of course, it’s all about maintaining the momentum and commitment and the Trumpers are going to try to fire quite a lot of the scientists working for the government (seriously; they’re nihilists). Resist!

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    • tengrain says:

      Jim – it was a peaceful (and nerdy) march here, too/also. One commenter on Twitter noted that the level of commitment to get so many nerds outdoors in allergy season was commendable.

      Laughed so hard I coughed. Allergies.




  3. roket says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the type of ‘bearing false witness’ that Moses was talking about.


  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    “Rape and pillage are WRONG, but . . . something, something, [add bizness correctness adjectives here].” [Smirk offline.]



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