You’re Fired!

What all of America is asking Trump.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is going to run the gubmint like a bidness if it kills him (and all of us), dammit. Anyway on April 12 he issued some sort of proclamation thingie directing various agencies to fire the blood sucking leeches federal employees to free up precious bodily fluids tax dollars that can be used for feather-nesting cronies elsewhere.

“Washington often crafts costly solutions in search of a problem. The result has been … too many federal employees stuck in a system that is not working for the American people.”

And while I will not argue/defend much there, I will note that about half of the Pentagon budget goes to outside corporations. Running it like a bidness means outsourcing, and they are already doing that, and it is mosdef not a cost-savings. So unless the programs that these employees are servicing go away (which would require an act of Congress, literally), then the headcount will shift to a contracting company. This isn’t right-sizing the gubmint or making it more efficient, this is transferring tax dollars to the private sector.

The largest civilian workforce, according to the BLS, is the  VA (Hair Führer proposes a 6 percent increase).

The next largest are the Army, the Navy, the Department of Homeland Security and the Air Force.  (Hair Führer wants to increase their budgets, too.)

And then we get to the fun part with ol’ Mick Mulvaney: he thinks that cutting the federal workforce will be good for the morale of the departments:

A reporter asked Mulvaney about the morale of federal workers: “How are you addressing that? Because I think what’s going to happen is employees are going to get depressed.”

“They shouldn’t be,” Mulvaney responded. “And here’s one of frustrations that government workers have, is that we don’t reward those who do a really good job, and we don’t punish those who do a lousy job.  …”That is one of the things we’ve asked the agencies to look at: How do you restructure your personnel policies in order to point out people who are doing a great job and figuring out a way to get folks who are not delivering money for the taxpayer, get them on board with whatever it is — whatever policy you’re trying to achieve.”

In other words, if you get to keep your job that is your reward. So the beatings will continue until morale improves.

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  1. lisahgolden says:

    Google the State Department contract Worldwide Protection Services. And that’s just one example of the transfer of tax dollars to private companies. Plus – talk about a creepy as fuck 84ish name.

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  2. Bob's Yer Uncle says:

    To your point…

    As both a long-time Fed (25 years) and on-and-off-again COTR (Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative) I can tell you flat out that Mulvaney is talking out of his ass. Again.

    Let’s take a Federal employee with a specific technical job, SQL Administrator.

    S/He’s a SME (Subject Matter Expert), responsible for all the database administration, as well as the care and feeding of the software for a medium 1,000 server farm. Often s/he creates and maintains customer tables, build SPs for them and constantly validates their data. S/He’s also the tech lead for junior SQL admins, those with 5 years or less experience. S/He may, no, most likely will oversee at least a couple of contractors as well. Not to mention being responsible for all documentation, backup and COOP arrangements, as well as liaising with the virtual team for basic disk and LUNs. Not to mention being on call 24/7.

    And s/he probably makes no more than $110K p/a.

    By contracting that position out you automatically double, and sometimes triple, that salary: the contractor replacing the Fed will get, roughly, $125K a year, and must provide their own health insurance. The rest of the money goes to the contracting organization for…wait for it…administrative costs. Those costs rarely include documentation, much less accountability; many agencies let “time and cost” contracts. Even when someone like myself (a COTR) is ‘overseeing’ the technical work, that oversight is limited to conversations with the contractor’s administrative lead. That’s right, I can’t speak directly to the contractor, but must instead speak to yet another person (prolly billed at a higher rate ’cause…Management!) to relay my requests/unhappiness/sheer rage.

    And if you’re counting, that brings the replacement cost of 1 Fed up to around $500K p/a.

    No, I am NOT exaggerating. AND I’ve seen higher rates.

    There does need to be some trimming of the Federal workforce, but it never comes where it’s needed – in management. Currently, for example, in DoJ I work for a Division Director, who has a Deputy Division Director, who has 7 Branch Chiefs reporting upward. Those Branch Chiefs each have 2 or 3 Section Chiefs reporting to them. And the Section Chiefs have one civilian equivalent of the military’s AJs (Acting Jacks) reporting to them…

    Again, if you’re counting, that means our imaginary SQL Administrator has 5 people above them.

    Doing what, exactly?

    You know, stuff. Thinking the same deep thoughts as our Business Leader in Chief, quite probably.

    And that’s one agency under one Department.

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  3. roket says:

    Don’t forget. Killing gummit is the goal.


  4. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Run the government like a (tRump)business.

    So, outsourcing and bankruptcy.
    It’s the American way.


  5. HarpoSnarx says:



  6. Osirisopto says:

    Speaking of the f35, or the typical congressional R he’s got a point.

    As for the professional staff, they should all get a raise for having to put up with his dickishness.


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