“OK, Google…”

This is both funny and alarming: if you have a Google-branded AI device or android phone, this commercial could trigger it into reading the Wikipedia page for the Whopper. Now, of course, someone could edit the wiki to have it the Google say something horrid, but that’s a risk that Burger King is willing to take. That and annoying eff outta people.

I recall a few years ago a Morning Zoo radio show that triggered Siri when the hosts suddenly said, “Siri, text mom…” and Siri texted something profane to the listeners’ mothers.

And just to be fair to the Amazonians, the Alexa AI, is causing havoc with my friend Alexis. When she walks into houses so equipped and people say hi to her, the AI agent asks what she wants. One time she said “more cat food” and the next day her host got the delivery.

And so it goes.

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2 Responses to “OK, Google…”

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    We have the Echo/Alexa. NPR did a story about it a couple weeks ago, and when the reporter said the name “Alexa” our unit woke up, turning off the “radio” and waiting for instructions. We laffed!


  2. tommyspoon says:

    Another reason not to have one of these “corporate listening devices” in my home…



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