Here’s Some Karma For Your Coffee, Joe Wilson

GRANITEVILLE — U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson received some protests Monday like other Republican congressmen nationwide during town halls this year, getting drowned out at times with loud boos and receiving 30 seconds of “You Lie” chants… Many in the crowd of nearly 200 responded with a phrase he blurted out during a 2009 joint congressional address by then-President Barack Obama: “You lie! You lie! You lie!.” Wilson in 2013 voted against extending the Violence Against Women Act.

The Post & Courier

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2 Responses to Here’s Some Karma For Your Coffee, Joe Wilson

  1. roket says:

    Will the real lying liar please stand up. No wait. He’s already standing. Nevermind.


  2. cat copeland says:

    I’ll have a large dish of Schadenfreude with 3 scoops of Karma & a generous topping of Rainbow Sprinkles. Thank You!!


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