RIP, John Warren Geils Jr

I remember sneaking into a concert to see the J. Geils Band. This was such a part of my soundtrack. Some of the smartest lyrics ever came out of this band’s songs.

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5 Responses to RIP, John Warren Geils Jr

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    Lyrics shmyrics. Play Full House, their live album, live. Pure tequila high.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    Love sucks. Yea, yea.


  3. w3ski says:

    1971, I had just graduated High School and was on to bigger and better things up North in the County of Humboldt. My last Fillmore concerts was J. Geils and Johnny Winter. They were so great, we went back on Sunday Night for a repeat. My last concert of ‘the 60’s’, even if it was 71.
    I will never forget that, or them. He will be missed.

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